The myth of Capri

Capri is the mediterranean island that has seen intellectuals, imperators, artists and writers, everyone enraptured by his magic beauty.

In the heart of the mediterranean, in the heart of artists, celebrities and regnants, always capri is an open island to the world, capable of enchanting with its natural beauty revivaled by the most exclusive cultural events: an irresisable mix for a timeless myth.

Pleasure, Raffaele. I know capri as my pockets. Because I was born here and because I live here , like my family, from generations. And because I work here every day, having relationship with visitors from all over the world.

Follow me, I will tell you anecdotes about his history, on his most well-known guests and, between myth and reality, I will accompany you in a journey to discover the most famous and exclusive island of the mediterranean.

A wonderful adventure with the privileged point of view of a outdated expert in revelating the intimate secrets protected by the island. You will lose yourself in the magic atmosphere of an enchanted place, where natural and architectural beauties convive in perfect harmony. With me you will visit dream residences otherwise unattainable.

Because I have the keys

Pleasure, Raffaele. Pleasure, capri.


If it is true that there are islands in the world as beautiful as Capri, no island, no one in the world can boast a story like that of Capri.

— Raffaele La Capria

We are the key to discover every secret of this myth.