Jacques d’Adelswärd-Fersen

In 1903 Jacques d’Adelswärd-Fersen became  a “non-grateful person” in French salons and his marriage plans were compromised due to a scandal involving some students of Paris. He was accused of celebrating “black masses” on a sexual background. Then He began to live in Capri, where he built the impressive “Villa Lysis”, in which he also lived together with his boyfriend Nino Cesarini, until the suicide caused by a cocaine overdose in 1923. He bought land from the Salvia family for the value of 15,000 Liras; the area is located on top of a hill at the north eastern end of the island, near the place where, two millennia before, the Roman emperor Tiberius had built his Villa Jovis. Finally, his house, initially called Gloriette was baptized as Villa Lysis (later called  simply Villa Fersen), with reference to Plato’s dialogue on the topic of friendship and, according to the modern meters of judgment, of love homosexual. Villa Lysis was designed by Édouard Chimot in liberty style, the Italian equivalent of Art Nouveau.  On the ground floor there is a large one smoking room where d’Adelswärd-Fersen used to consume opium and where finally he committed suicide. A Latin inscription above the entrance reads: ‘’Amori et dolori sacrum’’ – “[Place] sacred to love and pain”. The villa remained for decades in poor condition, but thanks to the restoration promoted by the Municipality of Capri at the beginning of the two thousand it is nowopen again to the tourists.