Fortini path

Going along the path connecting the Pino, Campetiello and Orrico forts, recently renovated and illuminated on summer evenings, means discovering the wild and primitive beauty of a part of the island that is little known because it was previously inaccessible.

It also means reliving those events that characterized the island’s history in the first decades of the nineteenth century.

In order of time they are the last fortifications built on the island when, in the bitter struggle between Napoleone Bonaparte and England for the dominion of Europe, Capri became the center of military events that in 1808 became concrete with its occupation by of the French; an event noted even on the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

In about three hours, good time and appropriate shoes, the visitor can cover the entire route. – The fort of Orrico. – The fort of Mesola. – Pino’s fort.