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Services & Partners

Porta Immobiliare puts at your disposal: the experience in the real estate business, a great innovative abilities, the use of effective management and communication tools and the cooperation of an highly qualified and versatile staff, able to meet the needs of the most discerning customers, providing them with the main professional qualities, like: the absolute discretion and the highest degree of professional integrity and technical competence.

Our services for sellers:
- Property appraisal and best reference market research (national and/or international)
- Detailed analysis of the development potential of each property
- Retrieval of necessary documentation for the real-estate transaction
- Technical-legal assistance.
- Personalized services of home staging and relooking, aimed at adding value to the property aspect
- Professional photo shooting and video footage of the property
- Study and design of the transformation potentialities regarding the property, project management, feasibility studies and graphic presentation of the project
- Study of the most appropriate channels for the real estate market and promotion work of the property through the main communication media (trade magazines, national and international ones, web sites) and in the context of events such as trade fairs
- Careful research and selection of potential buyers
- Periodic update on the marketing campaign trend and report of visits and feedback received
- Transactions management ensuring transparency
- Assistance until the final papers are signed

Our services for buyers:
- Personalized market research
- Dispatch of detailed information, accompanied by photo shooting, exact description of the property and its related expense
- Planning about guided visits and availability of interpreter service, offering help with translation.
- Legal advice, notary and financial, in collaboration with the main professional studios
- Consulting services provided by architects, interior and garden designer
- Transactions management ensuring transparency
- Assistance until the final papers are signed
- After-sales services: renovation and redevelopment of new purchased property

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